INFORMATION - Indian Digital Tour International Circuit 2019

The Circuit consists of 3 salons and entry is open to photo friends spread all over the world. Participationg clubs are Photography Association of Kanchrapara [PAK], MAP( Malda) and Photography Club of Contai [PCC]. It will be organized under the approved rules of FIAP [2019/325-324-326] and FIP [066-067-068/2019]


CLOSING DATE (Ultimo dia deaceitacao): 25th JUNE 2019
JUDGING DATE (Classificacao): 14th JULY– 15th JULY 2019
NOTIFICATION ON WEB & EMAIL (Envio de resultados): 28th JULY 2019
EXHIBITION DATE ( Exposicao): 25TH- 27TH AUGUST 2019
CATALOGUE/ AWARD DESPATCH (Correspondencia Postal despachada): 20TH SEPTEMBER 2019

Jury Panel

Mr. Swapan Mukherjee (EFIAP) Dr. Ashok Ghosh (EFIAP) Mr. Asok Banerjee (AFIAP)
Mr.Dipankar Dasgupta (EFIAP) Mr. Santosh Kr.Jana (EFIAP) Mr. Partha Sarathi Sarkar (EFIAP)
Mrs.Sanghamitra Sarkar (EFIAP) Mr. Sudip roy chowdhury (EFIAP) Mr. Subrata Das (EFIAP)